396bhp Subaru Impreza Version 3 with 2.1 Stroker

Whether this is the final part of the journey for Mo or not but the journey certainly got a bit more exciting yesterday when we mapped up his new 2.1 stroker kit on the ESL ecu daughterboard for 97/98 imprezas.

The TD05 20G with clipped wheel from Turbo Dynamics certainly seemed to do exactly what Turbo Dynamics said it would.  They estimated 390bhp but we managed to get just above that but despite trying it would not quite hit the magic 400bhp yesterday, but none of us were really expecting it to do it to be honest and Mo was delighted to have got this far (as was I).

Always love mapping at Surrey Rolling Road and this car was a joy to map – great to get the result for Mo 8)

396bhp stroker kit