2013 Time Attack Silverstone Report

or in reality a report about the issues on the day … the engine issue at silverstone turned out to be the start of a cracked liner. It hadn’t made its way through to the coolant jacket but enough to unsettle the rings and cause excessive crank case pressure and blow oil out and up through the turbo doing the seals on that. Hence the smoke on full boost at the start of the hot lap in qualifying.

Good job we pulled the car from the session as it could have resulted in a major incident or at least dropping oil on a wet track for others to slip on / red flag etc.

I removed the engine and stripped it down and a plan is in progress to repair and rebuild prior to brands hatch. The timings are very tight but I will do everything possible to ensure we have a car out that is not just making up numbers but competing for the win.

I would like to thank Paul Finchmotorsport in advance for short block assembly next week at a difficult time for him and family and Chesmans in Coventry for the machining work, Westwood Liners for the liners that were the only set in the country, RCM for supply of gaskets, filters, rings, etc to enable the rebuild to happen quickly. Thanks guys – we will not be giving up on this.

Target is to have the engine running next thursday if all goes to plan or even saturday if it doesnt !! Some late nights are in order I think

I’d also like to thank Owen Developments for the very quick turnaround of the repair work to the HTA GT37. Great work and sorry for causing damage to this superb turbo

Anyway, enough talking … preparation time

ps – can someone have a word with the big man upstairs to help this all happen ?