RaceDynamix 2.1 Stroker Engines

Following numerous requests from customers we are now offering these engines pre-built and ready to fit. The extra 100cc makes a huge difference in spool up and torque so is a great base for tuning for 400 upwards.

Hand built long 2.1 engine

The engine contains the following:

EJ20 semi closed deck block
STi cylinder heads
New EJ257 2.5lt STI crank
New Lateral/Wiseco custom 2.1lt piston kit, with rings, & up rated pins
New Lateral custom Fast Road “H” section stroker rods ( Long Version)
New ACL “Race series” main bearings
New ACL “Race series” big end bearings
Group N baffled sump
New NGK PFR7B plugs

Suitable for up to 550bhp for fast road use.

Ready for your inlet manifold and wiring loom to be bolted on.