Enduring Solutions Limited (ESL)

Live mapping system for pre 99 Subaru Imprezas.

Feature List (Not Exhaustive):

  • Suitable for all turbocharged Imprezas
  • Only option for Legacy RSB/GTB
  • Only option for AT Forester
  • MAF/MAFless load switchable in software
  • User Switchable Maps (Full, not offsets)
  • Closed Loop Knock Control
  • Closed Loop Idle
  • Injector overrun cut off
  • Software fully windows integrated, modern, object oriented, multi-threaded, live updates.
  • Factory drive quality out of the box.
  • Comprehensive closed loop knock control.
  • 3D boost mapping – no boost controller required.
  • Can be remapped to incorporate further modifications.
  • Full OEM Diagnostic control codes.
  • International dealer support network.
  • Standard hot and cold start compensations.
  • Closed loop narrowband lambda control (idle and light cruise).
  • No additional harness
  • All Sensors and actuators exposed, will work with any specification
  • Installation Service available
  • Motorsport features on 97-98 cars only: ALS, LC for £150


Version 1-2 : £730 supplied, fitted and mapped

Version 3-4 : £730 supplied, fitted and mapped

396bhp Subaru Impreza Version 3 with 2.1 Stroker

Whether this is the final part of the journey for Mo or not but the journey certainly got a bit more exciting yesterday when we mapped up his new 2.1 stroker kit on the ESL ecu daughterboard for 97/98 imprezas.

The TD05 20G with clipped wheel from Turbo Dynamics certainly seemed...Read More »

Well done to Fast Japs - Gymkhana GRiD 2013

A huge well done to the RaceDynamix mapped Fast Japs Talivan en route to 3rd place in the European finals on Gymkhana GRiD. Running on an ESL daughterboard with the new ALS and launch control beta software.

Piloted by Jake Archer and taking on the likes of the mighty Ken Block...Read More »

Fast Japs Imprezas - Gymkhana Grid

The guys at Fast japs have been very busy over the past few weeks… not only looking after customer’s cars providing upgrades and general service work on them but also preparing two great cars for competition in Gymkhana Grid 2013.

For those of you that don’t know what Gymkhana Grid is...Read More »

ESL / RaceDynamix 1997 Demo Wagon

547bhp … :norty: That was the power figure produced by the ESL/Racedynamix demo car after I mapped it at RCMS, which is a decent result for a standard location GT30 turbo on a forged 2.0 litre and ESLs latest generation management system. The car still starts on the first turn,...Read More »

vf24 with tmic on 97/98 Impreza

A nice version 3 with VF24 with tmic mapped by RaceDynamix at Surrey Rolling Road on an ESL daughterboard mafless.

...Read More »