Enduring Solutions Limited (ESL)

Live mapping system for pre 99 Subaru Imprezas.

Feature List (Not Exhaustive):

  • Suitable for all turbocharged Imprezas
  • Only option for Legacy RSB/GTB
  • Only option for AT Forester
  • MAF/MAFless load switchable in software
  • User Switchable Maps (Full, not offsets)
  • Closed Loop Knock Control
  • Closed Loop Idle
  • Injector overrun cut off
  • Software fully windows integrated, modern, object oriented, multi-threaded, live updates.
  • Factory drive quality out of the box.
  • Comprehensive closed loop knock control.
  • 3D boost mapping – no boost controller required.
  • Can be remapped to incorporate further modifications.
  • Full OEM Diagnostic control codes.
  • International dealer support network.
  • Standard hot and cold start compensations.
  • Closed loop narrowband lambda control (idle and light cruise).
  • No additional harness
  • All Sensors and actuators exposed, will work with any specification
  • Installation Service available
  • Motorsport features on 97-98 cars only: ALS, LC for £150


Version 1-2 : £730 supplied, fitted and mapped

Version 3-4 : £730 supplied, fitted and mapped

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