Subaru tuning parts to avoid

Part 1: Ebay Equal Length Exhaust Headers

This is a common reoccurance whenever my thread on scoobynet dies down and customers see the lure of shiney metal on ebay and believe the word ‘uprated’.  These are not uprated and as shown below will produce LESS power than the standard parts.

Excuse the squiggle but blue line is classic on a Alcatek with toyosports equal length headers, red is the same car a week later after I told him to put the std headers back on !!


Same boost profile for both.

Seen 5 sets of these recently and this is the 5th customer that was massively disappointed with them. Mostly they won’t rev past 5500 !!

Amazing that the design is so poor that the back pressure stops nearly a third I the power.  AVOID

Please ask for advice before purchasing any headers that aren’t Roger Clark Motorsport GT Spec versions.