Why choose a Syvecs ecu ?

Why choose an aftermarket ecu such as Syvecs when the std ecu in most newage subaru will be perfectly capable of handling 450bhp ?

It seems like a lot of money to pay the extra for the Syvecs. Probably in the region of £2-3k by the time all is fitted and some extra bits to go with it are installed but it is about far more than the extra power that a proper ecu will release, the most common comment from someone after this has been done is about the smoothness of delivery. The syvecs has a much more detailed set up and whereas it does take a good deal of time to set it up it has much finer control over fueling, ignition and boost than the standard set up could ever dream of having.

When power gets higher the standard ecu will struggle to have enough resolution in the sensor scales to be able to give consistent performance so with Syvecs it is able to see exactly where it is and set things exactly as they should be time and time again. And, when things go could potentially go wrong, the safety features within the Syvecs firmware can help save an engine. When this happens it is easy to see the value of the better ecu when an engine rebuild would massively dwarf the costs of the ecu.

I have run Syvecs on my own car for well over a decade and have fitted and mapped countless customers cars. Each one is different and Syvecs can cope with everything that could possibly need or want to be done. I have yet to find something it cannot do.